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business opportunities to start from home

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business opportunities to start from home

business opportunities from home
business opportunities from home

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   Before starting with the topic, we must know about the URL ..Url is simply defined as a share link earn money. A URL incorporates the domain name, along with other detailed information, to create a complete address (or “web address”) to direct a browser to a specific page online called a web page. In essence, it’s a set of directions and every web page has a unique one.

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  If we add more links and contents URL become long, cannot look nice, moreover in mobile usage this long URL gives inconvenience, so we bound to use a URL shortener, a very easy and elegant look. 

A URL shortener works because of a Web server function called a “Redirect” (URL redirection). … When you enter a URL a browser, this actually sends an HTTP command to the Web server directing it to fetch and transmit the requested Web page, share link earn money.

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A URL shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) into its condensed format. The user only has to copy the full URL of a website. Then paste it into the URL shortening tool, share it to earn money is the best-earning option.   

URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). And substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect that links to the web page that has a long URL. … Often the redirect domain name is shorter than the original one.

Which are the popular URL shortener is being used? Share link earn money

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Linkvertise. If using URL shortener Websites is your means to earn money. …

Adshrink. said to be the most profitable URL Shortener in the world.Shrinkme.  Shrinkearn.





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How much can earn from a shortening URL daily? Share link earn money.

The recent payout statics from ShrinkMe.IO is undoubtedly the highest paying URL Shortener on this list. With ShrinkMe.IO, you can earn up to $220 per 10,000 views on the shortened URL. pays 20 cents per click. That means you need five clicks to reach a single penny. If you want to make $1, you need 500 clicks, and that’s clicks that are valid. share link earn money.

Keeping URLs as simple, relevant, compelling, and accurate. this is to getting both your users and search engines to understand them (a prerequisite to ranking well). Although URLs can include ID numbers and codes, the best practice is to use words that people can comprehend.

The final conclusion, URL shortener sites paying decent income without investment,, By using this link can join and get earn through shortener


URL shortens are used in many ways, there are advantage and disadvantage factor, But advantages are more, URL shorteners are used to promote the e-commerce products, and then share affiliate links at social media platform, forums, also in webpages. For using a URL shortener, there is no need to own a website or blog, By joining with these sites straight away can earn Share link earn money/home investment, no skill


I hope this article is being helpful and definitely understand what is URL shortener and how to make use by earning money ? shortener. Some popular URL shortener is available in this article. Make the use of it, Happy earnings, please share your comment.