google travel trends tool

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google travel trends tool

google travel trends tool
google travel trends tool

google has added new travel tools to its search engine that show COVID-19 related advisories for your destination. google says there has been an increase in search terms among users like “travel restrictions” and “where to travel,”

which is why these new tools introduced.

google earth time travel tool

The Explore tool has also got its own tab on and it has very useful to show more destinations,

filters for destinations, travel advisory or restrictions, and more helpful information. google has also made some updates to google Maps on the desktop to help with trip planning.

google adds travel tool

google virtual travel tool

In a blog post detailing the new travel tools for users who are planning trips. It states that with vaccines becoming more available, there has been an increase in search terms like “

travel restrictions” by country and “where to travel”

To assist these potential travelers, google’s new travel tools will now show COVID-19

related travel advisories or restrictions,

whether the destination requires

quarantine upon arrival or travelers will need to provide proof of vaccination.

google tool for covid 19

 Travelers can get notified via email about travel advisories or restriction updates.

what is google trends tool

This will tell you if the restrictions relaxed or reduced. This feature is available in the US.

Additionally, the Explore tab has updated and given its own page on

It will now show more destinations, smaller cities, national parks, along with destination filters to narrow down a destination based on your interests.

              Travelers can also make use of information like hotels, things to do, the best time to visit, and more.

The blog also states google Maps on the desktop will now show different types of places

helps you can stop during your journeys such as hotels, parks, campgrounds, and rest stops.

      When selecting your starting and endpoint, these stops along the way will see on top of the map

and you can select a particular spot to fill on your journey. These directions can then transferred to your phone.


This google travel tool for covid19 is very useful, to know the location of affected places easily

According to this we can change our travel.

In this way we can alter our travel, and keep our footing,

 i hope soon we will see the bright future

this shall too pass

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