is wealth better than health

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is wealth better than health

is wealth better than health
is wealth better than health

  What is Health is wealth ?

why now a days given more importance ?

yes Health is wealth ..I would like to share many of the very interesting facts in this article about this topic, As this article has been very helpful to you .

  Health is really a big treasure gift to us by god, it refers to the physical and mental state of us. we think of being health as an alternative ,but keep in mind that this very important for a better living  lifestyle. 

we need to eat a lot of nutrious food stuff regularly to protect our health, and then the secondary important is physical exercise. A healthy person is normally more confidential ,self assured and energetic. more over views clearly and with out pre justice. 

What is the role of Health in our life style ?

since we live in a super fast age, and the internet has  shrunk the universe drastically , and people are well connected round the clock . Then multitasking is unavoidable now a days, as we struggle to full fill our responsibilities for each and every one in life, for that we often forget to spare time for our self , results stress level increase to build up until one day a major collapse may make us realize.

  Make our life wealth better than health

we have forgotten to take care of one important thing is our health.

 As our earlier days life was so simple , and people worked for fixed ,specified time , and used to walked every where ,ate home made food, did house chores ,this leads enjoyed health balance in life. 

 But now ? entirely turned different , people have car and use many transportation vehicles to  commute, so ultimately walk less.

  With the demand for completing more tasks people awake whole night and eating western junk food , which are not tune with our traditional home made food. people dont have enough time to do exercise or even get enough clean natural air with sunlight, In a short for living luxury life  and for surplus money they neglecting health and live unhealthy life style,

  Finally this leads to increased contraction of people to various diseases, like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart attacks, and Hypertension etc. This is very serious implications in our near it is very important to focus on our health with war footing basis. 

   As such this article insist to every body for restructure of comfortable living and creating awareness of  health wellness. It is sure and no other thoughts ,By strictly following good planned food habits, daily proper excercise and balanced work style can surely will make a big difference to our health ,mind and body.

  When a person have a mentally and physically fit ,ultimately his action and decisions are so perfect and he is more successful in his tasks.

Added to the above good health has a direct impact on our personality. 

  Importance of physical good health. No health no wealth.

Our body keeps working well. reduce blood pressure, keep away from diabetes ,heart attack regular exercise, swimming , aerobic, cycling are recommended.

In addition frequent adding of nutrious vegetables ,eggs, fresh red meat and fish to our diet to protect our overall health.

  Benefits of health wellbeing are …

  Reduce stress level, quality of good sleep, mind relaxation, improved physical appearance and increased stamina. 

Bottom of the line 

Why health is wealth ?, i hope this article definitely reach your attention. 

Health is wealth ,because if we dont maintain health properly then all our wealth ,fame and power can bring no enjoyment ,so keeping health fitness is indeed not an just option ,but a necessary of joyous living.

Our moral responsibilities begins here , which helpful for future generation.

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