page speed insights google chrome

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page speed insights google chrome

page speed insights google chrome
page speed insights google chrome

   Hi friends, welcome to my website.

     In this article i would like to share a very important and interesting message about how to improve  website speed ?  with you.

page speed insights mobile 

   We are all looking  for and wanted  our website to run with faster  speed, to achieve this  we are using  many strategies. and some times  also this may not be possible 100 %  for a number of reasons.

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  But we keep trying for betterment, in this row my experiences are given below…

  I have been using this ( website for the last 2 years. Initially the performance of the website was awesome, but as i continue to write articles the speed of the website has slowed down. Here google speed test helps

 At one point my website page speed test took more than 13 seconds to load. i was very disappointed and since then i have been in contact with many website developers, for solution ,but my website speed is not up to par.

website google search page speed test tool is very useful for checking the website speed .

   In this regard i was constantly touched with the following specialists 

  1. plugin
  7. Hostinger customer care.

I owe my gratitude to all of these website developers and admins, for supporting.

 Finally i go somewhat successful in my endeavor. that I would like to share my experience and developments with you .

 Here is a screen shot of my website performance .

page speed insights google chrome
page speed insights google chrome
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website statistics free online
website statistics free online
page speed test 

  I should mention here about an very important plugin for faster website speed . you can see it here, easily downloaded at free of cost  from

  To reach out the plugin

    click here

At the end , i am very happy feel , because the result of my website performance is excellent and now touching the google speed test norms.

As you can understand by this screen shot of my website excellent performance of page test


  In conclusion this article is very useful for you ,and you too can try it and also share with your friends .

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This too shall pass , May god save all of  us from this deep crisis.

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