staph infection treatment

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staph infection treatment 

staph infection treatment
staph infection treatment

As soon as our chief minister took office ,he came up brilliant and wonderful plan and implemented too.

The Tamil Nadu government has set up a Covid-19 war-room that will monitor the available beds, connecting ambulance services, and oxygen supply availability the whole Tamilnadu.

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  In this arrangements ,any body who contacts 104 or 108 medical service get no solution, the issue gets escalated to the war room, as it monitors both 104 and 108 ,so it will cut down the waiting period for oxygen and ambulance service. 
  Public Bed request 

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  When Chennai resident Archana Padmakar, made a call for a medical emergency, she was in for a surprise. Her late night distress call on Friday, to the  war room seeking a bed for an elderly relative, was attended to by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, who was on a visit to the facility. He promised her timely help. In 30 minutes, the patient, whose oxygen saturation levels had dropped to 84%, was allocated a bed at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH).

  There is no doubt that this scheme , Tamil nadu diester war room help is a very good project. This can completely reduce the loss of life due to deadly virus.

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   Our chief minister himself attended this call and helped her immediately.

To get the most out of this scheme you can go to this website ,Tamil nadu covid19 war room

  Here you have to give your full detailed information in it. and get instant help.

 This allows you to find out which hospital in your area/locality has bed availability and oxygen assistance and you will seek immediate medical attention. covid19 war room help 

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  My goal is make this emergency assistance program known to all over tamil nadu citizens.

 This war room is open for 24 hours, a day ,so you can call 104/108 any time ,incase of urgent emergency.

 Through this scheme we will prevent coronary death 

  long live tamil. 

Emergency call 

Note :  contact 104, 108 if you have any doubt about this scheme.

  If you still unable to fill out this form ,you can contact my mobile number(8610709281) and i can help you . 

sample form is given here.

Tamil Nadu covid-19 war room help
Tamil Nadu covid-19 war room help

Be safe, 

keep distancing

wash hands frequently 

improve your immune system.

Follow strictly the govt instructions. 

i will update this page accordingly time to time.

This too shall pass. war room help is very useful ,please share it.

Let we all pray to the god for betterment soon.

 We give full support to Tamil Nadu covid 19 Diester management.

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